“You do not deserve any of the abuse you are getting. You need to look in the mirror and believe you are worthy of love and respect”

October 17th, 2017

I deserve to die. I am a sinner.

Every breathe I get to take is by the mercy of God. The rest is just me being blessed by the Creator of the Universe. I am not deserving of any deed. I love as God loves me and I pray that others follow that commandment as well so that I can feel the love of Christ through my fellow human beings. When I don’t, I don’t feel slighted because I know that what I do and who I am does not demand that I am somehow deserving of some good because of my own deed or works. One cannot “expect” goodness in this life, but every moment of goodness that is there, know that it is God and God alone that it comes from. We are sinful and sorrowful. We have the choice to be the light of God, but it is His light and His goodness that shines through us. Not our own.

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